Adult Martial Arts Program

Adult Classes at Our Martial Arts Center in Clearwater

Are you looking for an adult martial arts program that will help you get fit and give you the self-defense skills you’ve been looking for? Our martial arts center in Clearwater has lessons for adults at every level.

When you’re an adult and you start taking martial arts lessons, you want to take classes in a group of your peers. You’ll be learning martial arts with adults at your level. You don’t have to worry about feeling out of place at our martial arts center. Everyone who takes classes with us will enjoy becoming part of our martial arts family.

Our adult martial arts program is the best choice for adults looking for martial arts lessons. You’ll get to the traditional Japanese martial arts of Aikido.

Aikido focuses on neutralizing attackers using various arm pins, wrist locks, and other maneuvers designed to subdue without causing serious injury. You will also learn the Aikido art of ukemi which trains the body to withstand such attacks.

Aikido is the perfect choice for adults looking for a fast, efficient, and peaceful way to subdue attackers. Our martial center is full of opportunities for people looking to study the deeper philosophical lessons offered by Aikido as well as its legendary martial arts!

If you are ready to start your adult Aikido lessons, get in touch with our martial arts center in Clearwater. We can’t wait for you to become part of our martial arts family!