Jose Arturo Bonachea Martinez

4th Dan (Degree Black Belt)

Guest Instructor

Jose Arturo Bonachea Martinez Sensei was born in Havana Cuba, on May 21 1975 and graduated with a degree in English. Mr. Martinez began studying martial arts at the age of 4 years old. He began in the style of karate jioshymon shorin ryu and then continued with shotokan karate, reaching the rank of black belt 1st Dan. He participated in various competitions and won several as well attending prestigious seminars. His Shotokan karate sensei taught him his first aikido techniques.


In 1988 he began to practice kendo and iai-do and when he reached black belt in kendo, in the same dojo, he met Mr Carlos M Sosa Zayas and was impressed with the techniques of this wounderful martial art [Aikido]. 


He regularly attends seminars with Y.Yamada Shihan, Seishiro Endo Shihan, Toriumi K, Yasuno, as well as, Peter Bernath, Penny Bernath, Nelson Andujar, Andujar Leyda, Gustavo Ramos, Eliot Rifkin, M.Moralez -Bermudez, Philip Berrios, Charles Colten, Micheline Tissier, etc.


Mr Bonachea has given seminars at several prestigious US dojos and Cuba, with participation of students from Guatemala, USA, Russia, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, and others. 


Mr Bonachea was 1st vice president and technical director of the Cuban Aikido Association. He currently lives in Tampa with his wife and teaches every Wednesday night at Florida Aikido Center and every Thursday at Pinellas County Aikikai.