Children Martial Arts Program

Our Fun and Exciting Kids Martial Arts Classes

Starting our children martial arts program is a great way for you child to make friends, learn self-defense, and get out and have some fun! Our kids martial arts classes are taught by professional instructors with years of experience and training in Aikido. Your child will learn in a safe and nurturing environment and get to make friends with all of the other students we have in our martial arts center!
For the youngest martial arts students, ages 4 through 5, we offer classes that focus on discipline, self-defense, and the basics of martial arts. Students in these classes will gain a sense of self confidence as they begin to learn the leadership qualities that come with our martial arts!

Students ages 6 through 11 enjoy courses in a fun environment that focuses on more advanced martial arts while also teaching positive values that help them in class, at school, and at home. We know how serious the issue of bullying is today. That’s why our lessons at this level focus on anti-bullying strategies and help your child learn how to be assertive without becoming aggressive.

Once your child reaches ages 12 through 16, they can begin courses in our most advanced children martial arts program. This program focuses on not only more complex and nuanced martial arts techniques, but also helps them get ready for the move into adulthood. We focus on leadership skills, advanced self-defense, and build an environment where they can grow their skill as they grow through their teenage years.

If you’ve been looking for kids martial arts lessons, our martial arts center is right for you! Get in touch with us to learn more about our lessons and sign your child up today!