An after school traditional martial arts experience for serious students only ages 14-18.

Justice | Courage| Benevolence | Respect | Honesty | Honor | Loyalty

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What is Bushido?

Bushido is the art of the samurai, bringing together a collection of practices. In our dojo, this will include specifically, student's schoolwork, physical fitness, Judo, Aikido, Japanese swordsmanship, and more.

Learning Together

Samurai spend each daily 2 hour session first cleansing their minds of the day behind them by changing into their gi, or uniform and beginning physical conditioning drills. Teamwork is imperative, as they will succeed or fail together, pushing each other to complete objective, including the completion of their homework assigned from teachers at school.

Building Confidence

Samurai will learn to work together as teammates, achieving goals through team exercises, games, and martial techniques, including safe weapons training with practice swords and staff.

Better Grades / Lifetime Skills

In 6 months, bushido blade samurai should not only learn the fundamentals of striking and grappling arts, but also show improvement in their schoolwork. Social interactions should improve as well, since much of their work in the dojo will rely on their ability to work together to achieve goals.



   Monday - Friday: 3pm - 5pm

DUES: $155 per month

*bushido blade samurai may add on our normal adult program for only $25 per month more

DURATION: 6 months


  1. Nationally Recognized Rank Certificate

  2. Martial Arts Skills Across The Spectrum (Striking & Grappling)

  3. Better Grades In School

  4. Small Group Socialization and Team Building