4 - 5 YRS OLD

We at at the Dojo here in Clearwater, Florida understand the importance of instilling the character traits of responsibility, respect, discipline, self confidence and excellent willpower skills in children as the core foundation of any martial arts training. Our 'Little Samurai' program is focused on creating an atmosphere where our youngest can begin their traditional martial arts journeys.

Our instructors maintain regular teaching, training, and further education schedules, including travel to seminars to ensure that they are always the BEST resource for your child.

In the children's program, we teach the art of self-defense with smiles and safety. Our commitment is to create an environment in which your child can grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The atmosphere is disciplined and fun. The excitement of discovery is part of everyday practice.


Aikido develops:

  • Discipline and concentration

  • Coordination

  • Self-defense

  • A calm, stress reducing effect through breathing and meditation techniques

  • Increased confidence and a positive "can do" attitude

  • Heightened sense of spatial awareness

  • Sense of community

  • Leadership qualities

And, it's a great workout!


Minimum Age: 4 years old