Oscar Ortega

Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt)

Òscar Ortega Izquierdo was born in Rotterdam (Netherland), on December 6, 1964 and grew up in Barcelona (Catalonia), where he started practicing Aikido in 1998.


In 1999, he joined the Aikido Feilen dojo in Barcelona (currently Arashi Group Dojo Central), where he received classes from Francisco Manchón (6th Dan Aikikai), Michelle Feilen (6th Dan Aikikai) and Ricard Coll (4th Dan Aikikai). Òscar is currently a Yon-Dan (4th Dan Aikikai) and has been following the teachings of Y. Yamada Shihan (USAF) and T. Miyamoto Shihan.


He has also attended other seminars in which he had the opportunity to learn from great masters like N. Tamura, H. Osawa, S. Sugano, I. Shibata, C. Tissier and P. Bernath. He has also been a part-time instructor in his dojo in Barcelona since 2009.


Òscar is a software engineer, is married and moved to Florida in 2017 where he now teaches regular classes at Pinellas County Aikikai here in Clearwater, Florida.