Traditional Martial Arts For Under $20 A Month?!

The next generation. What does that really mean? So much of our time is spent reinforcing the things we know; that feel comfortable. Rarely do we take the time to realize the need for change, let alone actively work towards that change.

One of the biggest challenges all martial arts faces today is the lack of 18-30-year-olds stepping onto the mat for the first time and sticking with it in the long term.

Gone are the days when we had the benefits of the golden age of Hong Kong cinema and action heroes with martial arts backgrounds on the silver screen. Nothing culturally draws our western minds positively to the idea of stepping onto a mat and experiencing joint locks, pins, throws, punches, grabs, etc... repeatedly in the hopes of gaining skill.

Put COVID on top of that and it's no surprise that so many martial arts schools are struggling or only barely surviving (in many cases because the owner is paying all those missing dues).

So what can we do? How can we