Our dojo's children's programs are designed around the principles and philosophies of Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei). Radically different from any other martial art in the world, Aikido seeks reconciliation through its practice, rather than victory/defeat. The goal of Aikido is to create and foster an internal competitive spirit that drives each of us to do better than we did the day before without comparing with others. 

How do I get started? Simple. Sign up for a FREE trial class with Sempai Matthew Addison, Children's Program Director. He spends 45 minutes going over your goals for your training, what Aikido is all about, etiquette, and some basic movement to explore. At the end of the session, you'll discuss your ideal next steps on your journey. It's crucial that we both agree that you are a strong fit for the dojo and vice versa. Click on 'Little, Junior, or Senior Samurai' depending on your child's age-range today!


Little Samurai

Our 'Little Samurai' program is focused on creating an atmosphere where our youngest can begin their traditional martial arts journeys.​​


Aikido develops:

  • Discipline and Concentration

  • Coordination

  • Self-defense

  • A calm, stress reducing effect through breathing and meditation techniques

  • Increased confidence and a positive "can do" attitude

  • Heightened sense of spatial awareness

  • Sense of community

  • Leadership qualities

And, it's a great workout!

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Junior Samurai

Our children's program teaches practical and proven self-defense methods, in addition to enforcing clear rules of good behavior to be followed in class and at home. 

Junior Samurai Focus On:

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Assertive vs Aggressive Behavior

  • Discipline (ask about the patch!)

  • Coordination

  • Leadership

  • Fitness & Fun!

Senior Samurai

We work with teens and young adults to instill an internal competitive nature that focuses on how the individual can perform that their best and push that performance each day, without the need to compare with others. This leads to an atmosphere where students develop self-confidence and avoid unfair comparisons due to things like growth spurts, gender, and natural differences.

Our goal is to create leaders who take their Aikido training into the rest of their lives, developing a strong work ethic and desire to help others succeed as well. Senior Samurai are given the opportunity to help with Little and Junior Samurai classes if asked by instructors, as a way to reward hard work, discipline, and developing leadership qualities.