Our dojo is blessed with a growing lineup of instructors here in Clearwater Florida. The fastest growing dojo in Tampa Bay. Each instructor comes to Aikido from a varied background of traditional and sporting martial arts like Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Silat, Savate, and More. Instructors attend seminars, train, and cross-train regularly, in order to maintain their position as instructors and, most importantly, to always provide the best learning experience for students.

Meet Your Instructors

Reuven Lirov

Chief Instructor & Owner

Reuven Lirov has been practicing and teaching Aikido since 2007 and currently holds a Sandan, or 3rd degree black belt and Fukushidoin (teaching certification) through the United States Aikido Federation and Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Reuven spent two years as a full time apprentice, or "uchi deshi" to Rick Stickles Shihan at Aikido Schools of New Jersey

Sensei's Responsibilities Include: Adult Program Training, Bushido Blades, Physical Training (AikiFit), Overall Dojo Programming, and Seminar Instruction Around the World.

Cross Training: Judo, Muay Thai, Hwa Rang Do, Jeet Kun Do

Matt Addison

Childrens Program Director

Matt Addison started training Aikido under Sensei Gina Boccolucci in Tampa prior to his move across the bay. Matt currently holds the rank of 1st kyu (brown belt equivalent) and heads up the dojo's childrens program under the guidance of chief instructor Reuven Lirov Sensei.

Sempai Matthew's Responsibilities Include: Little, Junior, and Senior Samurai Training Programs, and School Break Programs (including Summer Camps).

Cross Training: Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Studying Traditional Eastern Medicine


Students of Aikido ranked 2nd kyu or higher who have been given special permission to engage in this instructor training program. These sessions focus on ensuring that instructors always present as role models physically, mentally, and spiritually on the mat. 

The kenshusei program at our dojo is rigorous and requires a tremendous commitment from those interested. Sensei must personally approve any applicants for each year's 2--3 kenshusei programs.