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Meet Your Instructors


Reuven Lirov
Yondan, Shidoin
Chief Instructor

Reuven Lirov has been practicing and teaching Aikido since 2007 and currently holds a Yondan, or 4th degree black belt and Shidoin (teaching certification) through the United States Aikido Federation and Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Reuven spent two years as a full time apprentice, or "uchi deshi" to Rick Stickles Shihan at Aikido Schools of New Jersey

Sensei's Responsibilities Include: Adult Program Training and Seminar Instruction Around the World.

Other Related Rank:

USAJudo: Regional Coach

2nd Degree Black Belt

Brazilian Jiujitsu: Brown Belt


Matt Addison

Dojo Cho: Aikido of St Pete


Matt Addison started training Aikido under Sensei Gina Boccolucci in Tampa prior to his move across the bay. Matt currently holds the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt) and leads his own dojo in St Pete, Florida.

Matthew's Responsibilities Include: Little, Junior, and Senior Samurai Training Programs, and School Break Programs (including Summer Camps).

Cross Training: Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Studying Traditional Eastern Medicine


Jerry Cerrato

Dojo Cho: Riverview Aikikai


Jerry Cerrato began his Aikido journey in Fargo under Sensei Robert Angotti, achieving his second degree black belt. He achieved his sandan in November 2023 at USAF Winter Camp '23.

A move to Florida introduced him to the Tampa Aikido dojo where he met Reuven and they trained together.

When Pinellas County Aikikai formed, Jerry joined almost immediately and continues to attend class regularly, along with teaching as needed.

michael geery_edited.jpg

Michael Geery

Dojo Cho: Aikido of Pinellas County & The JJP


Michael Geery began his training in the '80s under Larry Reynosa sensei and then completing his Shodan under Saotome Sensei in 1994.

Since then, he has trained primarily in Brazilian Jiujitsu, attaining the rank of 3rd degree black belt, along with multiple competitions.

Michael is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the dojo, along with children, teen, and adult BJJ.

Ann O'Brien

Dojo Cho: Crystal River Aikikai


Ann O’Brien holds the rank of shodan (1st degree black belt) with the USAF (United States Aikido Federation). Ann leads the dojo in Carbondale, CO.


Affiliated with Reuven Lirov Sensei and Pinellas County Aikikai, her teachers have also included Mike Jones Sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, Tres Hofmeister Sensei and Peter Bernath Sensei.


She has attended many seminars with master teachers, and enjoys training with Aikidoka from all over the US and beyond.

Ann taught kids’ Aikido for several years each at Boulder Aikikai and Roaring Fork Aikikai before starting her own program in 2022. She brings great enthusiasm and dedication to the practice.


Students of Aikido ranked 2nd kyu or higher who have been given special permission to engage in this instructor training program. These sessions focus on ensuring that instructors always present as role models physically, mentally, and spiritually on the mat. 

The kenshusei program at our dojo is rigorous and requires a tremendous commitment from those interested. Only current members of the PCA family of dojos are invited to apply.

Current Kenshusei under the direction of Reuven Lirov, 4th Dan, Shidoin

Community Day Aikido Weapons_edited.jpg

Alexander Reinhard
Ikkyu, 1st Kyu


Rich Gilkes
Nikkyu, 2nd Kyu

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