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1st Session 2020: FULL/CLOSED

2nd Session 2020: BEGINS SEPTEMBER

About The Program

Rigorous Training For Future Instructors.

Course Length: 6 Months

Pinellas County Aikikai's Kenshusei program was designed to ensure that all staff instructors (Junior, Staff, and Senior) maintain a clean line of transmission of the Kihon, or "basics", of Aikido training.

It is designed for those students starting at 2nd Kyu and up, including any and all Yudansha, who would like to be on staff instructing at the dojo.

Minimum Requirements

As with any instructor training course, the requirements of the Kenshusei program are demanding and include training beyond the standard lexicon of technique. To ensure safety, students must already be in moderate to excellent physical condition.

Please make sure you meet these minimum requirements prior to applying.

Physical Conditioning:

  • Squats: 50 (uninterrupted)

  • Pushups: 30 (uninterrupted)

  • Pullups: 10 (uninterrupted)

  • Situps: 50 (uninterrupted)

  • Plank: 2 Minutes (uninterrupted)

Minimum Training:

  • 2nd Kyu and Up

  • 3+ days per week

  • attending 2-3 seminars per year (not including PCA hosted seminars)

Work-Life Balance:

  • Ability to attend 2-3 monthly extended sessions (2-3 hours)

  • Ability to commit 6 months to program

  • Desire to teach seminars in the future



The Kenshusei Program is not designed to replace or contend with any existing instructor certifications in other dojos, our beloved US Aikido Federation, or Hombu Dojo (International Aikido Federation). It's sole purpose is to help nurture the next generation of instructors at the Pinellas County Aikikai dojo.

A primary result of the program is to have Junior and Staff Instructors at Yudansha levels join Senior Instructors and the Dojo Cho when invited to teach abroad as "openers" who teach the first class of a seminar.

This exposure is meant to help deepen their practice, experience, and commitment to the art of Aikido.

"The Future of Aikido is in the training of the next generation. Always."


Reuven Lirov, Dojo Cho

With over 12 years of teaching experience across multiple martial arts, Sensei Reuven Lirov's focus in the Kenshusei Program is to ensure that staff instructors are giving beginners clear basics and a clean foundation from the moment they enter the dojo. 

"We instructors exist as a conduit of information for the next group of instructors and practitioners. Honesty in training and commitment are the only way."


The Next Kenshusei Program Is Postponed Due to COVID-19.

To apply, simply complete this form and speak with Sensei at your earliest convenience.

Thank You For Your Application.

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