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Japanese Shrine Gate


Step on the mat with over 100+ live and on-demand classes focused on martial arts training for adults, kids, and families with the most sought-after instructors in the world.

Our mission is to provide the absolute best in traditional martial arts content, along with rank advancement opportunities for committed students.

Start your journey towards BLACK BELT today!

Wooden Hut





15-45 minute fitness sessions with set and rep breakdowns. Focus on body-weight movements for those with limited space and equipment, as well as personalized challenges based on your fitness level.





15-45 minute traditional martial arts sessions. Each movement is repeated 10 times and each class has a specific focus. The structure is critical and each class will focus on movements from how to fall safely, to striking, and grappling. Traditional and modern self defense techniques drawn from many martial disciplines are studied here.




Submit a video when you complete all the training sessions for the rank you are currently studying for an opportunity to receive an internationally recognized rank in the traditional martial art of Aikido.

Students who attain 'brown belt' (1st kyu) and complete all the training materials therein, will be invited to attend a live BLACK BELT exam at our HQ dojo in Clearwater, Florida. This is an all-expense-paid event - we will pay for your flight, hotel, meals, and the attempted exam.

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