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Full Day Learning, Confidence Building, Teamwork, Traditional Martial Arts For Kids!

Camp Registration is Closed for 2020 - Please join us on the mat for our children's program Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!

Or Call: 813-609-2211

What is Aikido?

A traditional Japanese martial art unique in its founding on the principles of non-aggression and non-violence. Its goals are to promote peace and harmony through the training of mind, body, and spirit.

Learning Together

Children spend the day learning new skills, like Japanese words, origami, even sushi making! This goes hand in hand with the regimented Aikido physical training they will experience.

Building Confidence

Children will learn to work together as teammates, achieving goals through team exercises, games, and martial techniques, including safe weapons training with practice swords and staff.

Play Games and Socialize with Friends!

Games are a great way to break up the day of training while still keeping children focused on accomplishing tasks together as a team. 


Japanese Class:

Ohayyo Gozaimasu! Learn to speak, read, and write in Japanese!


Aikido Class: Run! Jump! Roll! You can do it grasshopper!


Lunch & Aikido Film: Time to refuel with some great Aikido films!


Cleaning & Self Directed Time: An opportunity to help children learn to take care of the spaces they spend time in!


Japanese Arts & Crafts: Calligraphy, Origami, and Much More!


Aikido Weapons: Learn with safe practice weapons how to handle the sword and staff!


Special Activity: Learn fun Japanese traditions like Sumo, sushi making, and much more!



  • Sign up by the day or session

  • Summer camp sessions are from Monday thru Friday

  • FULL DAY: $200/week  |  $175 discounted rate for 3 weeks

  • HALF DAY: $100/week  |  $80 discounted rate for 3 weeks

  • DAILY RATE: $50

  • EXTENDED CARE: $20/child  |  weekly & family discounts available

  • FAMILY DISCOUNTS: $90 for two children, $130 for three children

The dojo is centrally and conveniently located at 2010 Drew Street (next to Subway) just off Route 19 south in Clearwater, Florida.

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