Aikido in the Age of 'Cobra Kai'

Many of us remember the nostalgia of seeing that famous Cobra logo and remembering 'Daniel-san', Mr. Miyagi, "wax on wax off", and the hallmarks of an era that was defined by popularizing martial arts (as well as pointing out some of its potential flaws).


Now we have a television show set decades later focused on the "dojo", if you can even call it that, teaching 'the way of the fist' to a new generation under our old antagonist; but what's the real lesson to be learned from his experience?

At every turn, we see this "sensei" presented with repeat opportunities to either:

1) be a good role model and thus, experience positive change/balance in his own life OR

2) figure out how to force his 'COBRA KAI' ideals into the modern world

Of course, he continues not to learn the lesson of choosing the more nuanced, challenging road that ultimately brings about balance, harmony, and tranquility.


In fact, he takes opportunities to prove that brute force, including its use on students, is the way to prove his efficacy to the world and right the wrongs of the past. He's trapped in the mindset of what's 'cool', flashy, and does damage, rather than what a traditional martial arts teacher's re