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COVID-19 and Your Training

From Sensei's Desk:

As we all wake up daily to new information regarding COVID-19, we will inform you if classes are postponed and for how long. For now, please follow these guidelines at the dojo for all programs:

  1. Wash Hands For 20 Seconds Before and After Class

  2. Use provided wipes to wipe off feet before stepping on to the mat

  3. Avoid touching your face while training

  4. If you need to sneeze or cough - this means you should stay home - if this happens on the mat, please try to step off the mat beforehand, and know that we will kindly ask you to go home

The dojo will be continuing to follow its rigorous cleaning routine of daily disinfecting of all surfaces (especially the mat). In addition, we ask that all visitors follow above guidelines and utilize hand sanitizer dispensers located at the front door of the dojo.

Thank you for your understanding during this uncertain time.

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