Nothing Sadder Than a "Has Been"

There are few things sadder and more embarrassing than someone saying: "oh yeah - I used to train (or) got a black belt years ago, but then, you know, life happened." or worse still, "welcome to my dojo - yes, i'm out of shape and so are my senior students - but I have a high degree of black belt, so sign here" - and then expecting to be taken seriously as a teacher by coasting on that history.

The COVID-19 crisis is proving to be a number of things for a lot of people: a time of mourning, a time of crisis, a time of anxiety; but also a time of hard truths. As there are many who are in the first few groups, please know that my thoughts and those of our entire dojo family are with you during this challenging time and our hearts are with you.

There are two martial arts groups that seem to require special attention during this challenging time:

1. Instructors

2. Would-Be-Instructors

I'll define an instructor as anyone who was teaching at least 1 or more classes regularly per week at a dojo or martial arts school and includes owners who teach as well (leaving investors - for those lucky few - out).

Would-Be-Instructors are senior martial arts students who are nearing a point in their training when their time on the mat makes them want to share their experiences with others - and so they begin overtly or gently hinting to their instructor, that they would like to teach.