"How should I prepare for my Kyu Test?"

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Kyu testing is often referred to as the "milemarker on your journey". It's not a destination, but more of a sign to know how far you've come. Here in Clearwater Florida where we practice the martial art of Aikido, few things are as true as the following when preparing for your next kyu test.

Train. Train. Train.

Nothing matters more than your training. In fact, nothing will prepare you better for any exam, scenario, or interaction, than your consistent honest training. As with remember to "tuck the chin" whenever taking a fall, the most important aspect of preparing for any test, is that you continue training and honing your skills.

Your Diet & Exercise Plan Matter.

How you spend your time training off the mat matters a great deal. Aikido is a fantastic way to challenge your body, but physical training should be a core extension of that practice.