The Power of Aikido's "Three Levels" & Practical Application

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

What does it mean for a martial art to be "effective"? What proof is there that Aikido aids in real life altercation? What is the BEST martial art?

As a student of many martial arts (first Judo since the age of 4, then Hwa Rang Do, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Silat, Savate, American Combat Karate, and others) it's a question that comes up a lot. Unfortunately, most publication is based on readership, and nothing "baits" readers like negative press, which means "if you can bash something - do it, because people will read and comment". I understand (though I do not agree) with this because it directly impacts advertising spend by companies which increases revenue to these publications. In the end though, it does more damage than good to the world of martial arts. It makes us look splintered and at odds with each other when, in fact, I have cross-trained with practitioners from dozens of martial arts and found benefits translated in both directions.

Why don't the major audience publications talk about this? Simple. Ratings. Unfortunately we live in a world where all press is good press. My hope is that slowly, over time, thos