Our Dojo Motto for a New Decade

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Frequency. Duration. Intensity.

As we prepare for our first major seminar of 2020 on January 18th with Sensei Helen Reynolds and Sensei Keith Lit of Florida Aikikai, it is a good time to renew our commitments for the year ahead on and off the mat. (we hope to see you this weekend for the seminar!)

For this year, our focus is on creating this pyramid of Frequency as our base, duration as our frame, and intensity as our peak.

This concept is based on the standard fitness approach of: Mode, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity.

Mode: Type of movement/exercise

Frequency: How often (how many days/week)

Duration: How long each session lasts

Intensity: How hard you work in each session (are you working aerobic or anaerobic)

Since our focus is on our Aikido training, the mode is decided (though I highly recommend that students maintain a consistent fitness routine that supports their study of Aikido).