Habits = Progress

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

"Sensei, I'm not feeling well this week"

"Sensei, I'm injured"

"Sensei, I'm just not in the right head space"

There is an old martial artist's math problem that shows how out of 10,000 students, only 10 will make it to black belt. After 2+ decades in martial arts, you would have to be foolish not to notice many of the most common reasons that students fail to make sufficient progress or stop training.

Training While Injured.

As martial artists of any kind will tell you, minor aches, soreness, and pains are normal and to be expected, much as they are with rigorous fitness routines. However, it's critical not to ignore these things and just assume they will go away. It's crucial to build home care habits into your routine, especially if your goal is to train at a high level for as long as possible.

Countless martial artists "break" at a certain age because they simply did not build the habits that would maintain their bodies over the long haul. These habits include: proper stretching before/after and between classes, proper nutrition (80/20 rule of nutrition is the gold standard among serious martial artists - those in competition will often add 90/10 and "cutting" prior to weigh ins to "make weight").